I'm Neil Bailey - patient zero for viral kindness.


There is a lot of kindness already in the world but also some truly awful things too.  After many years of dabbling round the edges I now want to make as big a difference to the world as I can, so I came up with my Do Kindness idea, inspired by watching the Kindness Guy.

I wanted to make sure that people are acting on kindness not simply thinking kind thoughts, hence "do" kindness.  It's all about action.

I initially set up the Do Kindness Facebook group to get people sharing acts of kindness, whether they were the person giving or receiving the kindness.

This though didn't feel enough.  I was already offering my Life Coaching, Reiki, pet portraits and button jewellery as a way of potentially making a bit of money to top up my NHS salary.  However it occurred to me that due to having M.E./CFS and Aspergers, getting out there and networking and spreading the word socially is a difficult thing for me, but what I do have is my time.  So I decided to offer some of my skills to people where 30% of any fees go directly to various charities that I'm passionate about.

I also set up and manage the Little Waltham Food Bank.

"Because that's what kindness is. It's not doing something for someone else because they can't, but because you can." -Andrew Iskander

My Mission

To make a difference to others by exchanging my time and skills for charity support


promote the spread of viral kindness

Sibling Piggyback
Stone Tower

Lending with Care

As well as exchanging my skills for charity fundraising I also give micro-loans to entrepreneurs  in developing countries through Lend with Care

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