Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits from your photos

I offer fine art pen and ink pet portraits drawn from your cherished photos.

Drawings  hand drawn onto thick watercolour paper and posted to you in a recyclable tube.

Fees are £12 per hour.  Animals with fur average between 8 and 12 hours.  Reptiles between 20 and 24 hours.

All fees will be given directly to Love Underdogs.  


"Love Underdogs was set up by animal lovers who wanted to make the world a better place by helping and supporting some of the most unwanted, abused, neglected and voiceless dogs. 


The journey started with a dog shelter we visited in Romania. Having seen the conditions locally, we had to help… Love Underdogs was born and we have never looked back since!


With the help of caring people in the UK and our Romanian partners AMP, we started rehoming dogs from the Victory shelter in Brasov, whose lives had been nothing but pain and suffering when all they wanted was love.  Seeing their destiny change and their eyes, previously filled with sadness and despair, come alive was just magical. What could be more wonderful than to see those faces light up at the thought of life taking a turn for the better?


Great things can be achieved when we all work together towards a common goal, creating more happiness in the world. We welcome you to join us on this wonderful journey, it is a fabulous privilege to be able to make a difference and we would like to share it with as many as we can."

If you'd me to draw your pet please contact me using the form below and we'll have a discussion about what you need, who I'm drawing and what photos you've got.  Due to the level of detail I draw, the higher quality the photo the better.

Of course even if you don't want a picture but would like to donate to Love Underdogs please do so using the button below.

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"You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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